This article is written based on a nightmare that happened to me and still affects me even today. My name is Mary Frost and I live in the friendly city of Spokane, Washington. I do not know if any emails sent to me get through. I would hope my web page will be able to make an impact on educating governments and people of the danger of getting involved with the US government. People need to understand how badly the intelligence agencies in the United States do their job and that they do not respect civil rights at all.  If one really understands our country’s history, they would agree with me that the US has a tendency to be a cruel government. If the US does anything favorable at all, it is for congressmen and women to be re-elected. My ardent wish is for the entire world to understand the consequences of getting involved with the US government. For over 40 years, not once did the FBI or CIA ever suspect anyone who wrote a negative report about me. They never suspect dishonesty. They think agents are superior beings and are above reproach. If agents don’t like you or they have been bribed they will lie about you because of their childish, huge egos. My experience has been that their supervisors are as bad as they are. But the government is so naive it thinks it would know about dishonesty and it is fooled by agent’s phony maturity acts where they are just in control of their emotions around the right people.  Ironically, in Russia, if I had not double crossed them, there I really would experience a freedom I will never know here because of how sanctimonious and self-righteous agents are and how immature and dishonest and patronizing and cruel they are.  I can’t believe how the US lies about democracy and freedom but it destroyed the Middle East in its name.