Brainwashing Drugs Used By Governments That Affect Memory

This analysis will examine how memory works in lower animals and in humans. Then it will use this groundwork to explain how brainwashing drugs have successfully been developed that affect memory for covert purposes.

Tests on rats have led scientists to conclude that one of the main components of memory is a type of RNA molecules found in brain cells. Rats which learned new mazes more often than other rats had more of this type of RNA in their brain. To advance their theory that RNA is important in memory functions in any organism as well as prove that memory can be destroyed, in effect, “erased”, scientists conducted experiments on planaria, small organisms found in streams. The simple structure of the planaria allowed scientists to isolate the importance of the RNA molecule more readily as well as find out what caused a memory to be lost. Scientists constructed a specialized tank that allowed the planaria to swim back and forth between its two ends by swimming up or down either of two tubes. The scientists then generated low voltage electrical current into the water which would shock the planaria when they chose to swim in one of the two tubes. The result was that the planeria started “remembering” which tube would shock them and would no longer use it. To find out if a memory can be destroyed, the scientists then fed the planaria bits of food containing a higher than normal amount of enzyme normally found in their brain cells and in the brain cells of higher organisms. The planaria after ingesting the enzyme, began using both tubes again “forgetting” that one tube would give them electrical shocks. The enzyme effectively erased the memory.

What these experiments proved is not new to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA in the late sixties were given drugs by a Russian double-agent that had been developed by Soviet scientists to be able to affect human memory. How the drugs work can best be understood by how memory functions in human beings.

Human beings, unlike less complex species such as the planaria, have two types of memory function: active and long-term. Active utilizes the RNA molecules and is in a different form than long-term. Long-term is more electrical in nature and no longer has the RNA molecule as part of its chemical make-up. Both memory functions take place in different parts of the brain. Active memory consists of thoughts formed by learning and by thoughts “called-up” and reformed from long-term that are needed again. It takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes for a memory in active to be processed into a long-term memory.

The three drugs discussed only affect active memory. They prevent memories from making it into the permenant long term portion of memory unless as discussed with the second drug the drugs wear off or an antidote is given.

The first of three drugs spy agencies use is a drug that destroys any new memories that are in active memory which includes any new memory ten to fifteen minutes prior to its application. The memories did not make it into long-term. Thoughts called up from long-term memory that are in active are not affected. It can be used to make someone totally forget information they just learned. The drug prevents a person from ever remembering who drugged them. It continuously can be used to prevent someone from remembering for long periods of time. Memories never make it into long term. It is usually used in conjunction with a second drug that suppresses memories. The drug prevents a person from being able to speak or think but they can respond automatically to simple commands such as “sit” or “walk”.

The next type of brainwashing drugs spy agencies use is a drug that is used secondly and suppresses memories that are in active memory. It is used so a spy can question a person about information they know without them or anyone else knowing it. It is also used if an agent wants to suppress a targets memory when a specific event happens or when certain information is given. It prevents memories from ever making it into long-term memory. One other reason why intelligence operatives like to use it is that the person they questioned cannot then use what they knew they were questioned about to turn around and get dangerous by thinking too much about it. The drugs cause a subject to be able to be less inclined to be able to think constructively about information that is related to the thoughts affected by the brainwashing.  It can also be used to program a person into later “remembering” false facts or give someone an idea. The person thinks the information or idea occured as the result of their own natural thought process when the suppression drug wears off or an antidote is given. Supporting facts or ideas are given with the phony information to increase the likelihood the inserted thoughts are trusted.

The antidote is the third type of drug used to manipulate memory. It is usually used to see if the suppression drug was used on someone and to release drug-induced suppressed memories. Usually after the antidote is given to find out what a person knows, the suppression drug is given again so they do not remember being questioned.

Memory reoccurs from earliest suppressed memory to newest but the order of rememberance can be rearranged due to new thoughts formed while under the influence of the antidote or suppression drug resulting in new memories being added in the middle of remembering other memories and thus changing the order and timing of the target remembering. The intelligence agent has the ability to control what is remembered and what stays suppressed by carefully documenting conversation and events as well as monitoring drug administration. How long a memory stays suppressed is determined by the amount and strength and duration of the brainwashing.

To ensure the suppression drug does not wear off at an inopportune time, at a convenient opportunity the antidote is given and then the suppression drug again allowing a longer duration of suppression.

Subjects brainwashed with these three drugs NEVER have any knowledge of when the events occurred unless from the content of the memories themselves and they never notice loss in time at all after they are used. They simply go on with their lives as if nothing happened.

Brainwashing drugs that intelligence operatives use on people covertly are chemically harmless and cause no damage to the mind. Memories originally suppressed with the suppression drug cannot be destroyed later as they are with the first drug discussed. What keeps me up at night though is that they could be used to put illicit drugs into someone’s system or for some other crime. Whenever I would be drugged by the Russian, Israeli, Iranian, or Saudi government, illicit drugs would be put into my system to cover the use of the brainwashing drugs.

When a spy agency has been made aware a target has been brainwashed, they administer the antidote and question the subject very carefully since because of the mind’s imaginative capabilities the person will remember both true facts and false facts and not know the difference.

Sometimes you are aware the drugs are being used and sometimes you are not. Sometimes you are in a drugged state while they are used and can’t even tell someone you are drugged because another drug get used on you that prevents you from being to say the thought that is most predominately in your mind. Whether or not you are aware the drugs are being used on you depends on if an honest FBI or CIA agent is going to be talking to you and the persons using the drug do not want you to be able to say anything that would do damage to their country.

Brainwashing drugs are effectively used to take nude pictures of people without their knowledge to blackmail or to destroy their reputation. Some agents use them to get all the sex they want. I also need to give people a warning: It is very easy for an agent to gain control of their intended target to use these drugs on them unexpectedly. An FBI or CIA agent will seem to have a legitimate reason to talk to you but instead they render you unconscious and then use the drugs on you. They work for the United States but may in fact actually work for a foreign power. Because of how the drugs works, you never remember who it was that did it or even know later that it was done. Because of the drugs that get used on you, you do exactly what the person who drugged you tells you to do. It is very hard to resist what is being done to you. What got me involved with originally the Russian government was that my dad had a sensitive job at Vandenberg Air Force Base and some students from my high school as a cruel joke and  to stir up excitement contacted the Russian government saying that I was friendly towards Russia. So I ended up drugged and talking to them.  I would always end up going from my home and ending up conscious but drugged in a motel room where the Russians did their business. I don’t remember even to this day the previous occurrences which happened to make me end up there. But I had to have been drugged but able to have to walk in a drugged state and told what to do like a robot. I tricked the Russians into naming the drug dealing partner of someone committing espionage by saying I would recognize the name again if I heard it. Then I told them they could test my loyalty and see if I would say anything to anyone on our trip to the Montreal Olympics and I had a notebook with me because I keep a journal. I wrote everything in a notebook while they were listening to see if I would try to tell anyone and left it behind a motel room bed after they gave me the antidote in a motel room. And to prove it about the two spies I had suggested to see if either one of them had been to Vienna where the Russians would hold meetings with their agents in a secure environment. It is with bitter irony that one of the persons I got arrested committed espionage out of pent up anger over abuses by the FBI and CIA because for the last forty years that is all that I have dealt with and it isn’t always agents who work for Russia or other governments. It is also interesting that that person was incarcerated at the federal prison in the town I lived in and the Russians recruited the town’s main drug dealer to do vetting to get bad prison guards into the prison to help him escape. Later, before Boyce and Lee got arrested, I acted unconscious in motel rooms that diplomats were in discussing information with their CIA and FBI agents before the drugs they had me on actually caused me to be.  Israeli, iranian, Chinese, and Saudi Arabian agents showed up the second time along with the Russians because of information I had been discussing about their countries. I overheard very sensitive information the diplomats discussed with their American agents. The CIA let me remember everything after about a decade for my own safety.

The FBI and CIA agents that I deal with are either bureaucratic patronizing assholes or bureaucratic cement heads who are trained specifically on what to write in a report and only focus their investigation based on that. They are only good at solving cases that they have been trained to solve; they don’t think very intelligently about cases that don’t fit the mold of what they have been trained in. Oh, but they always like to call the FBI the finest law enforcement agency in the world. It isn’t. For over 40 years they only focused their investigation on perceived personality issues that they thought I had that needed correcting, not on anything else or anyone else. The government is so ridiculous at intelligence that neither the FBI or CIA used my case to ferret out bad agents who were working for Russia when I returned from Montreal. FBI and CIA agents are NEVER interested in considering whether or not their colleagues are dishonest except at the very top when an unfriendly country arrests one of their spies. I get harassed all the time and agents are never suspected of being dishonest because they use the excuse it is because I was suspected of something or the harassment was necessary because of personality issues.  The case never focused on anything that was sensitive that was going on or what I said; it focused strictly on the character assassination that got done on my personality and proving that. The FBI and CIA agents who worked my case were also consumed with the fear I might feel important and focused a great deal of their case on making sure I didn’t. Agents have these phony, affective, professional personas that they think means they are professional and thinks everyone else is as well. It’s like all agents are brainwashed and programmed into believing their colleagues are mature and professional and not dishonest.  It’s like suspecting a colleague of dishonesty is never done because other agents consider their colleagues to be too professional to be dishonest. The FBI and CIA are organized in a very bureaucratic, systematic, and compartmentalized way that allows other governments who like to manipulate our intelligent services like Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel to control most of it or regain control of it when something goes wrong. They are nothing but huge bureaucratic corporations. My reputation would get ruined at any job I had and as a member of the Catholic Church my priests would be told such awful things about me that they hated me my whole life except for one. Father Dublinksi at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Spokane, Washington had so much hatred for me it is like he had to restrain himself from beating me up. Then it got cleared up but then he hated me again and then he liked me again. After him came Father Connall. He was told such awful things about me that he would give me a sick, disgusted grimace every time I would go up for Communion. When I would try to say “goodbye” after the mass, he would act like a total asshole towards me in front of everyone. Now we are civil to each other and he knows I do a lot of religious studies. He acted towards me disparagingly even after I had had an essay about God connected to an earlier version of this web page. Father Barista is another priest who hated my guts. He would sneer and laugh at me and say that Muslims consider it a very serious sin to not pay your debts. Because of the instability in my life I have a hard time managing money. The government couldn’t like go to the trouble to put a little effort into the case and warn the priests ahead of time they might be lied to. The agent who made the priests hate me didn’t get fired or suspected for working for Russia, Israel, Iran or Saudi Arabia. It was just decided they shouldn’t have been told.

Spy agencies use a tremendous amount of psychology in intelligence work to be able to coerce their targets, manipulate them, and to destroy them and their reputation. You get studied very intrusively. My whole life has been a living hell and since America just uses informants, it doesn’t care. Does anyone remember how one scientist suspected of giving Al Qaeda anthrax sued the government for 7 million because the government destroyed his reputation? And does anyone remember how another suspected scientist killed himself? That’s the kind of hell I go through all the time.  People need to think twice before offering the US information. There was this song called “Secret Agent Man” that Johnny Rivers sang in 1966. It has a line “giving you a number and taking way your name.” That’s what happens to you. And they really do take away your name, your self-identity, your personality and leave you a devoid shell from what they do to you. America let them. The dishonesty, stupidity, and immaturity in the FBI and the CIA is unreal. Especially the  FBI. The FBI is in need of serious reform and so is the CIA. I can’t believe what the budget cuts of the 1990’s that went on for 7 years did to the FBI and CIA or the cuts that went on after the Great Recession. Those cuts did massive damage. The budget cuts were so bad, high level managers in the CIA and FBI quit and FBI agents were renting rooms out of private homes because they couldn’t afford to live anywhere else in the more expensive cities. To make matters worse, the contractor responsible for the background checks of potential agents was dishonest. Now, because of the past result of poor pay and the bad contractor, I bet Russia, China, and Israel ended up with quite a few agents in place who have now worked themselves up and are probably responsible for the dismantling of our networks in those countries. I’m sure the drug dealer who was recruited by the Russians or whoever the woman belonged to helped to do the vetting to get dishonest people hired. And I bet the contractor was dishonest on purpose. If one was to compare the FBI of the first WTC to the FBI of the second one, the difference would be shocking. But CI was always bad.

Man is by nature a political animal. We need to be a better informed public willing to make sacrifices for the common good. Because the majority of the news outlets are biased and have their own agendas it is hard to be an educated public and elect an intelligent government. Elected officials from either party anymore seem to only want to further the power of their party and be re-elected instead of doing what is in our country’s best interests.

Whoever controls the language, the images, controls the nationality.

Spying and politics IS the Devil’s playground. For some it is a very powerful drug.

Polonium should be sanctioned by the Catholic Church. I’m just being cynical. It takes about 15-20 days to die and the discomfort is not as bad as pure pain. While you are dying, you can think of your sins. You have a chance to think of Heaven, Hell, God, and your soul. It might make one repent. I have always wished that the CIA could have assassinated defector Ed Howard with Polonium instead of just breaking his neck. He compromised quite a few of the CIA’s human assets in Russia who got executed and also compromised the fact the CIA had tapped into underground communication lines located in Moscow’s sewer system. It took the CIA 17 years to get even but they finally did. First, they made it look like he was trying to give secrets from conversations he supposedly overheard FSB agents that he knew had to a reporter who was writing a book about him. This was to make sure he would lose any security the FSB might still be giving him. Then to test to see if he no longer had any, they had a reporter barge into his dacha and make accusatory statements. When his security didn’t show up, they had a couple of CIA agents impersonate them who showed up next time they knew Howard was drunk and broke his neck, making it look like he fell down the steps in his dacha. He was always getting drunk he hated life there so much even though he lived comfortably. Watch out Snowden. Or will Putin frame us, saying we were planning to make it look like they were framing the CIA. But I am being cynical because if one converted one then is to share his conversion.

Czar Putin: Vladimir Putin tries to make it look like he believes in God but he is too evil to be able to experience him to be able to believe. Also, that law that Mr. Putin made regarding the illegality of protests stating other countries such as Germany has the same laws. Well, those countries are democracies not dictatorships like Russia and have freedom and its only anarchists or people who temporarily want to make a point who stage them in those countries.

Attributed to a professor at Edinburgh Scotland University in the 1800’s: Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It will eventually collapse because of loose fiscal policy. The length of most democracies is about 230 years. A democracy is born because of bondage. From bondage there is spiritual truths. From spiritual truths there is great courage. From great courage there is liberty. From liberty there is abundance. From abundance there is selfishness. From selfishness there is complacency. From complacency there is apathy. From apathy there is dependence. From dependence there is bondage.

Mussolini: The masses have little time to think. And how incredible is the willingness of modern man to believe.

The thing from which the world suffers just now more than any other evil is not the assertion of falsehoods, but the endless and repress-able repetition of half truths.

The press, important as its office, is but the servant of human intellect and its ministry is for good or evil, according to the character of those who direct it. The press is a mill that grinds all that is put into its hopper. Fill the hopper with poisoned grain and it will grind it to meal, but there’s death in the bread.

I have always wondered if brainwashing drugs used with the threat of a shot of sulfur could be used to obtain useful information and then brainwash the individual being threatened so they don’t know they cooperated to avoid being in a lot of pain. But maybe the pain of the sulfur would shock one out of the brainwashing.

Also, our very technologically advanced and sophisticated defense industry, causes people in our government to feel very powerful and to feel they are geniuses because of it. Before the US voted to invade Iraq I went to a speech given by a professor from Gonzaga University about what would happen if we invaded. He said it would cause a serious civil war between the Sunnis, the Shias, and the Kurds with countries aligned with them getting involved. He said there was deep animosity between the three groups and each would want to dominate the others. As far as the weapons of mass destruction were concerned we shouldn’t have trusted the intelligence and if they did have them a civil war would make them end up in the wrong hands. Furthermore, because of years of deep budget cuts and personnel cuts that started in 1994 with a democratic president and a Republican congress, George Tenet himself had said at the time of the invasion the CIA only had a skeleton staff. We shouldn’t have invaded because of those deep cuts and Tenet should have realized that there were elements inside and outside of Iraq that would want us to invade to give them an opportunity to have power in Iraq. As an example of how ridiculous the CIA is, the CIA director recently gave the George Tenet Medal to a Saudi prince for his efforts to combat terrorism.  George Tenet was the Director of the CIA at the time of the Iraq invasion and testified before Congress that it was necessary.

Agents need to think twice before committing espionage. But some get into financial difficulties or the lure of so much money is too great. But because of its nature, espionage kills a part of your personality and you lose real happiness and freedom and become a prisoner of it. But part of your personality probably was already dead. You always have to worry about getting caught because of the CIA or FBI recruiting the right Russian agent. (That’s what the FBI and CIA chiefly rely on when catching agents). Russia in their pitch, (and they actively sometimes select agents they want to recruit) say that they have always had a lot of agents but that they are always able to protect them because it is very rare for their agent’s to risk espionage. Twice, during my dealings with the Russians, agents wanted to quit but the Russians wouldn’t let them. It seemed to me like there was a great deal of espionage taking place and the Russians seemed to control a lot of the FBI’s Counterintelligence so it was easy for it to be undetected. There either was a great deal of espionage going on or an awful lot of patronizing stupidity. My case has gone on  for over 40 years now and Russia’s agent’s have always been able to operate very easily without getting caught. Sometimes I would outsmart them and an honest agent should have realized other agents were committing espionage but Russia had such control over the case it would get taken care of and never looked into by someone honest.  It’s like Russia and Israel controlled certain departments with agents who worked for them including supervisors or agents who weren’t that intelligent but just had good memories and were childish and egotistical when they weren’t putting on a phony maturity act around the right people.

God Is Love